There are so many brushes out there, so many sponges, so many ideas of how to apply makeup out there, smashbox and the makeup drop has made it so easy.Hi guys, so I used to dislike Smashbox a lot after we had a thriving relationship – well it’s been repaired and since them launching within Canada they started a Canadian PR team so I’m more then aware some of my product talk will not be new items but, well, it’s kind of new to me. Also the brand who created the viral silicone makeup sponge, The MakeupDrop™, reached out to me and challenged me to use the new Hybrid Blender and nothing else for two weeks. I took that challenge.

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So first off I am going to talk about The MakeupDrop™ because it really is a massive game changer for makeup application, a lot of people who have tried the Silicone Blender loved it but still felt it needed a final touch to help melt and blend into the skin a little bit better and the brand listened and created the Hybrid Blender with a flat silicone drop for you to add foundation on and pat onto the skin then there is a latex-free blending sponge connected like a BeautyBlender but truthfully better, flip it over and blend out anything – it’s beyond perfect for concealer, applying the concealer to the tip of the silicone pad tap and dabbing it where it’s needed then, boom, flip it and lightly melt it into the skin.

➡️ Truthfully I never really got into the BeautyBlender hype, but this sponge actually leaves your skin so flawless and for only $20.00US it’s an amazing steal, I love the silicone drop because it doesn’t waste product at all, you use less, and less of your expensive products, I know that BeautyBlender drinks up the product as much as it drinks up the water – I do own a lot of BeautyBlender but 99% of them are still boxed or just laying around from that giant egg I got when BeautyBlender came out with Bounce foundation. I’ve always been a brush type of dude, and that’s why when I saw the semi-new Smashbox brushes I was so incredibly surprised and taken back at the level of actual craftsmanship and artistry to come out with a brush collection that you would really only need within your kit or for your home makeup application.

One brush that is an absolute must have is their multitasking detailing brush which is amazing for so, so many things especially covering imperfections, dark spots, and all of the face issues we might come across, because if you use a regular concealer brush you are then blending out so much concealer but this brush picks up the absolute perfect amount and is so unique ➡️ The angled powder brush is an absolute must, the design of this brush is something that any and I mean any makeup wearer wants and thinks about but after that thought it just poof is gone until the next time – no-guesswork grips show where to hold for sheer to full coverage on some of the complexion brushes which is absouloutly so smart of Smashbox to do, it’s also slanted so you can pack powder where you need to and there do a little zip across the face to actually look, airbrushed.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ High-tech synthetic fibers (you would swear that they were real hair, seeing is believing) for durability and control and it’s Smashbox so its all cruelty-free.

The blending shadow brush is the perfect brush for the classic smoky eye, at the barrel it’s so slim and rounded perfectly and puffs up into the perfect amount of hairs and density for blending, even smoking out the bottom lash line. This dome-shaped brush applies sheer shadow layers that can be built up so easily, diffuses any shadow especially deep shades and creates seamless shade transitions for a soft eye look. You can also use the brush to blend out overly applied eyeshadow. Every brush has high-tech synthetic fibers retain shape and bounce back after washing.

Right now Smashbox is offering almost their full brush line in a brush vault with a tub holder which is such an amazing offer, you get 15 brushes.

CHEEK ➡️ Angled Powder Brush • Buildable Cheek Brush • Fan Brush • Precise Highlighting Brush EYE ➡️ Arched Liner Brush • Contour Shadow Brush • Full Coverage Shadow Brush • Lash & Brow Lifter Brush • Precise Brow & Liner Brush • Precise Smudge Brush FACE ➡️ Blurring Concealer Brush • Buildable Concealer Brush • Buildable Foundation Brush • Multitasking Detail Brush LIP ➡️ Lip brush

It is only $220.00CAN but it has a full value of $500.00CAN and you can take a look at here at where I believe it is exclusive. It’s the most unbelievable deal and I cannot say it enough – these brushes are top quality and worth every penny.

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Hi boys and girls – so I am just going to address a couple things right now, I had a couple items from Tarte that I was going to talk about truthfully I really, really can’t stand that company. Yes I am on a PR list, but it will be my choice to pull out because I just can’t handle the amount of pointless and same items they send out, Morphe x James Charles, Tarte REMIX. Morphe Fluidity, Tarte Shape Tape powders and the list just goes on and on. I find Tarte to be very rude, and there is a couple of them I know personally, like Lauren and Hailey – They will be rude to you and make you feel bad for no reason at all, Tarte is not be all end all in fact Tarte products are conceived and produced so fast that they are just garbage. They print logos they think we want to see, yet the company is anything but ‘kind’ I don’t need eyes to see Tarte won’t last 2019 at the rate they are going. The price we pay just isn’t worth it, and if I have to sit, for almost an hour at a blank screen, trying to find nice words, I can’t do that, not for ‘free’ products and some apple watches from time to time. But this is not what this is about I’m going to show you a couple of new kit hacks to have a brand name items in your starter kit with multiple uses.

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So there a lot of Contour Palettes out there, ABH, Morphe, heck any brand really but the one I’m going to talk about is from MAC and it’s just because of the idea tones for it to also be used as a face powder set from light, medium and dark. The blendability also is a major factor for what I choose MAC – the hard shell package is also ideal for travel. It’s for all sick types and a massive plus is it will not clog your pores.

The texture of these powders are nothing different from the standard MAC powder formula. While some shades are on the chalky side, all can be blended out on the skin and last all day and you will not notice anything.

The top row contains highlight powders meant to brighten or set certain areas on the face. These powders have more of a sheen or a matte finish but they also contain subtle shimmer. When buffed into the skin, it’s not a disco ball but it reflects the light in just a way that its flattering and beautiful. I think it’s not hard to see why I picked this one but if you do want all matte shades within you should go with the ABH palette but I am also adding in travel and pan side to get the best bang for your buck to my list.

MAC is also a MUA staple across the world, starting in a small kitchen in Toronto to the mega worldwide company, always doing it right. Any skin tone. Any Gender.

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Hey beautiful people – so I had something I wanted to write about today, but I decided that since it is on Allure’s list of Best In Beauty (ALLURE’S BEST IN BEAUTY 2018 LIST | MAKEUPANDTHECITY) in the luxury category, and the cost of it is well, the cost of some peoples rent sadly I figured that I would have to really make sure that I can see the results and know the tool to the last bolt, Just hours into 2019, Rihanna already has her sights set on disrupting another major makeup category. On January 11th Fenty Beauty released the brand’s first concealer in 50 shades — a landmark moment for the beauty industry. So how does it preform? Let’s find out.

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The thing is, concealers on the whole aren’t available in wide shade ranges, and even when they are they can be a nightmare as far as colour matching goes – ‘almond’ and ‘cacao’ rarely correspond to your foundation and things can get altogether patchy and unconvincing. Enter the Fenty take on concealer – 50 shades, with names that align with each foundation to help you to pinpoint your ideal colour. As far as formula goes it delivers a matte, long-lasting finish, it’s crease and sweat resistant and it brightens as well as it conceals, which is nice for people who worry more so about darkness under the eye.

It was smart for Fenty to take the match approach when it came to foundation and concealer matching shades, it’s simple and we like simple. I don’t think I have to touch base on the foundation since it’s been out for a hot minute. Rhianna set the standard for brands to follow when it comes to releasing a foundation shade range  ➡️ Tarte take notes. When the foundation was released a lot of people weren’t really feeling it but a lot of people also were, I personally do not use foundation but I have used this on clients and also seen it preform on set and under hot studio lights and well as it dries down very quickly meaning you don’t have to overly powder it — we still keep adding more and more powder and I think that’s what caused the Pro Filt’r setting powder as it works with the foundation and I’ve reached out to some people who didn’t like the foundation the first time around but after using the new setting powder with it, agree that it’s lit.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ I really like how Fenty Beauty took the time to see what people were saying was wrong with the brand and didn’t say well this is what you are doing wrong and instead came out with the products needed to fix it. Sadly not everyone can afford to buy the Fenty Face but that’s what Fenty is all about, for the best results you use all the products under the umbrella.

The new tools are nice also, I have always liked Fenty brushes but they semi remind me of Kat Von D beauty and her tools, but they are worth the money for sure. The cheek brush is exceptional when it comes to highlighting your face or body. I’m excited to see all of the brushes to come out because we all know that Fenty isn’t anywhere close to being done setting standards and making the beauty community shake. The only thing also is if you are very, very pale there isn’t really a perfect match for you from Fenty, I know right, 50 shades you are thinking but Fenty (Rhianna) did such a good job for in between and darker complexions, and very fair to fair shouldn’t have a problem finding a shade else where and I know brands know their demographic so really can we be that mad or upset with a brand who see’s that there demo is more fair to light but give some darker shades just in case – I guess what I’m thinking is why spend the money to create and bottle all of these shades just have them sit on a shelf or in inventory and not sell at all, you feel me?

DUPE ALERT ➡️ NYX Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Contour Concealer. Available in 24 highly pigmented hues, this lightweight liquid won’t transfer and has three major complexion musts covered.




Hi there, Nope, You’re reading the title right, I am blogging about the same Self-Setting concealer but at the time I did it came out in PR and wasn’t out just yet so I’m going to cover it again because, and for no other reason than, it’s just that good – prepare you’re self for what I predict to be the concealer of 2019 and I have a feeling it will be out of stock a lot on the shades that you’re going to want and or need! Also if you’re new to the industry you may have heard that MUFE is cutting out PR and that is absouloutly true – they are going to keep Micro-Influencers and some larger ones but they will not be going forward with updating a media list, but they are going to be making the professional discount a lot easier to receive recognizing all avenues of beauty and industry standards. I am left with one question – is 2019 the year to kiss the powders goodbye?

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We’re only two days into 2019, and it’s looking like one hell of a year for innovative complexion products. The latest brand to change up the game is Make Up For Ever, which is solving all of our makeup woes with its new Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer. Make Up For Everis releasing a concealer that sets itself and promises to stay put. That’s right, you can forget about setting your makeup with a translucent or foundation powder, because the new Ultra HD concealers will do the work for you. This is especially great if you’re looking to cut down steps in your routine and if you want to steer clear of drying powders (or toxic ingredients in our lungs) during the winter season. The new complexion products come in 22 shades (at first launch). The formula offers a creamy, medium coverage that glides on seamlessly. According to Make Up For Ever, the concealers are crease-free for up to 12 hours ➡️ this is all without a setting powder.

It also has light coated pigments diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and imperfections, and immediately set. The smoothing, hydrating, creamy liquid captures and diffuses light so that skin that appears bright, flawless, and fresh all day. So pretty much for boys in makeup who don’t want to walk out of the house like Patrick Starrr and there is no hate there, it just seems to do something that I have always wanted from a concealer and you can get as close as you want and you cant tell at all its there. Under the eyes, small bit around the nose area, a dot on the chin, and I’m done and out the door.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ According to a press release sent to MAKEUPANDTHECITY
(I feel so official), Make Up For Ever will discontinue its current Ultra HD Concealer formula for the new one. Does anyone love this one? I never really got into it so I’m not overly upset.

There is so much to be said about this concealer and I urge you to get and pay the $35.00CAD for 5ML because it’s such an amazing concealer and it’s a good step in the right direction for makeup in 2019! You can take a better look for yourself and buy if you’d like too right here.

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Hi there!
So if you know beauty then you know Allure comes out with the yearly best in beauty which I would like to know the, well, way they come up with what was best in beauty, is it from editors stand point? The beauty guru lists? or really, all the sales taken into full account. Oh to be a fly on the wall there. All the brands saying that brands just pay to be on ‘the list’ to increase sales and drive the new market for the next year, and hey, imagine what brands would pay to be on that list, remember when I just said it drives sales, yep sadly, it works.

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Allure likes to break it down into different categories, best in, base, body, breakthrough (whatever that means) and eyes just for example. So did Allure create the Grammys of Makeup? How influenced by this list will you be? Let dive into some categories and what’s in them.

Base ➡️ you would think that this would be my favourite category because I’m all about that perfect base and less being more but, you’d be wrong to assume – within this list you will see a lot of familiar names ➡️ Marc Jacobs ➡️ L’Oréal ➡️ Estée Lauder and some that you might not know such as ➡️ Erborian, but something tells me that that brand is going to have a really good coming year. There are some on the list that I would even award myself such as NARS Soft Matte concealer which I use on the daily. I do get the list and Allure was smart to think it up but really anyone who does monthly favourites eventually does the yearly favourites so it goes back, what do they consider most for this list?

SIDE NOTE ➡️ I guess that there are nothing taken into consideration within the list except for the makeup who cares if something was completely stolen from a indie company – the thing that’s sad also is Allure choose the ‘bigger’ company when the indie company who the bigger brand completely ripped off deserves to be in that place isn’t, and you all would know in a second one I told you one of the names of the two I am referring to but that’s not the point here I guess. It’s the makeup, remember?

Some products and brands I do truly believe deserve to be there and since it’s Allure almost if not all beauty of 2018 was more then likely sent by PR to the beauty team, and a lot of PR comes with stuff not even involving the makeup, like a free iPhone or Apple Watch. I guess it comes down to what you want to think and what you don’t all I know if the Powder Winner was a Becca Powder that I didn’t even know existed let alone was dominating 2018 – but hey, I’m only a beauty blogger in the hundreds of thousands, growing more and more every day, who lives in the makeup world but Allure knows better – and really I believe that they do. We all have and are entitled to our own opinions.

➡️ Well, you can check out the list for yourself right here!

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Hi boys and girls I typically don’t write from the 24th till the 3rd for the obvious reasons, but since I have so much going on right now, and I don’t at the same time due to reasons in my past blog (GREEK GODDESS COLLECTON | LUNAR BEAUTY MAKEUPANDTHECITY) I have been spending more time in a hospital more then I’d like, but that’s for a ‘LIFE 101’ post and if you’re new here, ‘LIFE 101’ is where I just talk about what’s going on in my life, things that are bothering me etc. trust me, there is a lot to say but the PR and beauty industry keeps sending out and making new products. A lot are wow and some are hard pass, I find for men in makeup that don’t really want the fully beat face – to woman who just want to be in the know.

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MAKE UP FOR EVER came out with ➡️ Ultra HD Self-Setting Concealer which is truly exactly what we are all asking for, since they came out with the tube HD concealer. I wondered what was keeping them from creating a concealer with a applicator or doe foot, I personally think that a doe foot is a better way to keep bacteria and all that bad stuff off your face. This creamy concealer has medium, buildable coverage, a natural finish, and second-skin feel in a self-setting formula with up to 12-hour, crease-free wear which can be a lot of claims for a concealer but over the years I have found that, MUFE doesn’t print without back up and a lot of testing. You can buy it here for $35.00CAD for 0.17 oz/ 5 ml.
Right off the PR card about the products ➡️ MAKE UP FOR EVER’s iconic Ultra HD technology for flawless, invisible coverage is now available in concealer form. Coated pigments diminish the appearance of dark circles, fine lines, and imperfections, and immediately set. The smoothing, hydrating, creamy liquid captures and diffuses light so that skin that appears bright, flawless, and fresh all day.

DUPE ALERT ➡️ NYX HD CONCEALER WAND buy it here for $6.00 also click the link to check out the product and the product facts! Save your coins if you need to, there is almost always a dupe out there and I will now be featuring DUPE ALERT.
A lot of people have the theory that most moden foundations and concealers are all self-setting but that is absouloutly not the case, if it doesn’t say it’s self-setting then you have to set it with a powder and it’s not for the look of powdered skin but for the longevity of the makeup and to make sure that your face doesn’t melt off a hour after you’re done, we create body heat which is not a friend to cream makeup or concealers.

Another really, really great product that is not new per say, but just got a package change is from HOURGLASS which is a little more expensive but if you have oily skin to acne prone skin this would be a game changer for you, hell it works for any skin type, it’s all in the way that you use the product and yes if you didn’t guess it I am talking about Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation.

This foundation has some amazing ingredients which I will highlight and what that ingredient does for skin ➡️ Advanced Cashmere Kaolinite Clay:
Works continuously throughout the day to control oil, while drawing out impurities to keep skin clear ➡️ Phytostem Edelweiss: Provides antioxidants, smooth’s the look of skin, nourishes the complexion, and protects from free radicals ➡️ Oxygenating Solvents: Deliver oxygen to the skin to help clear pores. All ingredients within are vegan also.

You’re able to buy it here for $70.00CAD and you would get 1 oz/ 30 ml which is about the size of a standard luxury foundation.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ drawback of this foundation is that it can only be used with people who don’t tend to have dry patches. If this foundation is applied over dry spots, they will look even worse than they already do. It will make them very noticeable. If you get dry spots and still want to try this foundation, make sure to use a heavy moisturizer before bed to prevent dry patches. The only other thing about this foundation that could be bothersome to some people is that it is very waterproof. Many people’s face washing routine is only using face wash and then rinsing, which doesn’t work with this foundation. Even when primer is worn with this foundation, I find that because it adheres so well to the skin, washing it off can be a little bit difficult.

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Happy Holidays guys, from my family to yours,
it’s Christmas eve right now, sadly if you read the start to yesterdays post (GREEK GODDESS COLLECTON | LUNAR BEAUTY MAKEUPANDTHECITY) you’d know why this Christmas well, sucks, but I am going to try to make the best of it as I can – but I don’t want to not wish everyone around the world, celebrating or not a happy and safe holiday season with your family, and remember it doesn’t have to be blood, sometimes we make our own family and that’s completely alright! I’m sitting next to a cracking fire at 5:07am with the Christmas tree lit up, surrounded with all these products and it feels comfortable – sometimes it’s nice to put in headphones and just write.

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To be completely honest with you, I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t see Tarte or open a new Tarte package for a good year, I do like Tarte but they are a trend company and no really the type to start just follow what they think and before it even makes it they have in production five hundred products incorporating a smile for example, Tarte factory employees must be so well paid, and what warehouse in China, Canada or USA? good, uh, question. Tarte just doesn’t stop and some could see this as a good thing but in the beauty industry, we all need a break unless your company is creating new ideas, not just creating for the sake of numbers. Also what’s with that dude with blonde hair now in all of their how to videos, what does he do for Tarte?

Alright so the new Tarteist™ PRO REMIX vault is as they always do for sale on the website and maybe in Sephora but it’s been a long time since I have had to go into Sephora but I do have to go there today actually so perfect, I will check and update if they do. I will say, the one that I got in the mail have all the Tarteist™ PRO palettes and also a brush with the splatter handle, and three shade that are closest to my tone with vibrant color caps, which I wasn’t able to see for sale but the other items are, The brush is alright, nothing special, at this point we all know what a Tarte buffing brush is like they did a feature re-launch of the Clay Full Coverage Foundation and I don’t get what that has to do with a remix, but that was what I am talking about with the company, anything to make extra or make the consumer think they need more crap.

Tarteist™ PRO REMIX ➡️ When this palette came out it was the same time Morphe x James Charles came out so I feel like the Tarte team sat down and was like crap, what can we quickly do to do a pop of color in a cool way that’s fresh, It was smart of Tarte because Tarteist™ PRO Palette was actually not well received by makeup artists who actually do to grind. Even influencers found it to be extremely underrate for the price – so a remake of this palette could potentially be a smart move on Tarte’s end. Sold for $65.00 for 0.70 oz. and you can buy it and everything else mentioned in this post here. I’d consider it more of a complementary palette than a typical standalone palette but that really depends on your need for mattes in a look which now a days are pretty high with that said, I do want to mention that the bio about this palette is almost a toned down version of Morphe x James Charles all about unleashing your artist and going outside of your comfort zone some might say, This Remix palette is for those who love metallic shades – it’s full of shimmer and color with three matte shades and the rest pretty much chocked full of shimmer.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Within the Remix palette you will get 20 shades, pricing is mentioned above and where to buy, there was a lot a lot of fall out when applying the shades and there was as much with the OG Pro Palette, understandingly that more fall out is typical with shimmer and metallic shades. Most makeup loves will have similar shades within already owned palettes.

Tarteist™ PRO glow & blush ➡️ 
This is actually a winner in my eyes, The OG Pro Glow was well loved in my kit, I think that Tarte creates some of the best blushes on the market but this doesn’t even come close to the blush book that they have called blush 101 which came out for the back to school products – it was also good marketing to do a refresh on both of the PRO Palettes and not just the Eyeshadow Palette because other brands were launching a lot of great palettes. I do like that they decided to include in one bronzer that is the perfect universal shade for a bronzer, I do wish it was a little lighter for more fair skin but it really is a nice shade. The pan size is also almost mega sizes which is really nice because you will find them lasting you for quite some time!

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Do make sure that you always check the little container with the lid off to see how long a product is considered good for etc. 24m

I also want to remind you guys to follow me on Instagram for a chance to win the Black iPhone XR or the full Colourpop Holiday collection full details mentioned here ➡️ TOP FIVE PRODUCTS I USE DAILY | MAKEUPANDTHECITY and my handle is above! tis’ quite simple for the chance to win such wonderful items!

Happy Holidays too everyone! And a safe New Years Eve.