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I talk about a lot via makeupandthecity and some it’s very clear that my opinion is
valued and sometimes it’s over looked, which I understand but it’s never stopped me from being up front and always, well, me.

Kevyn Aucoin is a touchy subject for me, and would be the reason I entered and threw away the world of makeup artistry – any real artist can tell you who Kevyn Aucoin is, if they are just starting out or seasoned.

If you’re a subscriber, a fan, or just found your way here – he was born 1962 and died in 2002 from acetaminophen toxicity (drug-induced liver injury is a cause of acute and chronic liver disease) a very, very beautiful man as he lived and worked, not too beautiful as he died.

Before continuing with this review take the time too read NY magazine “MAKEUP BREAK UP”

Let’s check out the Etherealist complexion line ➡️ this concealer and foundation is one of the best that I have ever used and I really enjoy working with this products – it blends effortlessly and even, a small con is the dry down time, there is no time to waste make sure that you blend it out right away.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ just to be clear also I am not being paid for this review, I just love the products and I want to give five (5) of you a chance from all parts of the world, from all skin types, ethnicities a chance to win the ultimate Kevyn Aucoin product set! just be a subscriber of makeupandthecity.

The Etherealist Super Natural Concealer can be used as a concealer, highlighter, or cream contour. To conceal, choose the shade closest to your skin tone and apply small dots of product over dark circles, blemishes, and dark spots. Tap with your finger or The Duet Concealer Brush to softly diffuse into your skin. To highlight and contour, choose shades that are lighter or darker than your skin tone and blend a small amount into areas that you wish to lift and define. The Etherealist Super Natural Concealer can also be used as a lip primer under lipstick or alone on the lips to create an editorial nude lip.


There are a lot of claims and a lot of back and forth regarding the products and I will say that these products are meant to compliment one another and work best of primed skin, and will not disappoint or let you down, you don’t even have to use a very expensive primer – any primer will work for extended wear.

Kevyn has always created incredible complexion products and these are no exception. They look exactly like perfect skin when applied and they are beautiful for the under eye area because they don’t settle into fine lines. The hyaluronic acid creates a flexible texture that melts into skin and the high definition pigment blurs and smooth’s the skin. Please do remember that KA is a luxury brand and the price point does reflect that, I understand that not everyone can afford to buy the primer, foundation and concealer so if you were to get one (1) of them I would recommend the concealer – it is not a let down proiduct in anyway.