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Am I the only one who feels like time is going by to fast? seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, when did we allow time to get away from us? mhm, a lot can happen in 24-hours both good and bad, but do we really control fate? sweat it out and come back and get on my level.

Am I the only one who loves recklessly and could it have all paid off as I always hoped that it would? Love, that four letter word that can lift you up or smash you to the ground, people need to relax now more then ever, its hard to really grasp that everything happens for a reason,  love can change you and its changed me, evolution – change on the most epic level, do we change for love? I know for a fact I used to change to be what I thought the other person wanted but sometimes its nice to not have to hide who you are, or have to change and it just happens on accident.
Meeting Josh was epic, he noticed me before I noticed him – I was the only one with a beer and a sucker in the bar, and he was too scared to come up to me and give me his number, so I went outside to get some air and that’s when I noticed him, we both ended up going inside at the same time and he went to go to the bathroom and I went up to his and advised him that wasn’t the cleanest washroom to use, we both went into the bathroom – and I didn’t know if he was gay or straight but he went to wash his hands and I jumped up on the counter top and wrapped my legs around him, took a chance, and kissed him.

Walked out, sat back down and he bought me a drink, I walked behind the bar and gave him my phone number and we ended up talking all night and we haven’t spent a single day apart since.

We also both have the same birthday, how strange is that? so I guess could fate have made him show up as I was leaving and we missed our fate? or were we no matter what fated to meet, that time, day, and second?

Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?




What’s going on,


Welcome back to part two (2) of the L’Oréal review – I don’t have much to say in regards of life not much has changed which is really, really nice considering..
So with that said, lets get into it and break down some products, remember smile, it could be worse!

Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with my fair share of skin problems. Acne, dryness, aging spots, dullness, you name it and I’ve suffered from it – thanks for the genes, Mom and Dad! But seriously, everyone has their own skin issues to contend with, and winning this battle is all about finding the products that work best for you. Now, some people may not take skin care as seriously as I do, which means that some people may not have the most extensive experience with trying all of the different kinds of skin care brands, products, and treatments available. Thankfully for the skin-neglectful, I do have this experience! I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime exploring the full range of consumer skin care products available in an attempt to find the brands and products that work best at curing my skin woes. After having gone through all of this experimentation and trial-and-error, I’m here to deliver one definitive conclusion: L’Oréal has got the goods!


I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but dark spots just might be the bane of my existence. I’ve tried every kind of over-the-counter treatment or home remedy you can think of – lemon juice, potato, turmeric, aloe vera, papaya, onion juice, jojoba oil – you name it, I’ve tried it, and almost none of it has worked! Finally I started to use L’Oréal Youth Code Dark Spot Facial Serum Corrector, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that this corrector did not *fully* correct my dark spot issues,
but it has made more progress than any other product I’ve tried. Ultimately my dark spots have faded some, though not fully, but I’ve really enjoyed the illuminating effect that Youth Code Dark Spot has had on the rest of my skin in addition to the dark spot targeting. Overall, I’ll keep using it until I find a miracle cure, and I definitely recommend it.10CHECK BACK FOR THE FULL AND FINAL REVIEW (PART THREE)

love always,


TIFF (toronto international film festival) client list and work | MAKEUPANDTHECITY

Dianna Agron at the Toronto Film Festival premiere for Novitiate on September 11, 2017. DRESS – Christian Dior MUA and makeup partner – Tarte – Kameron Smith. artist brushes used only.

Brie Larson at the Toronto (@torontolife) Film Festival (@tiff_net) premiere for Unicorn Store on 09/11/17. Dress : Schiaparelli Couture MUA and makeup partner : Kameron Smith (@esteelauder) Jewelry : Tiffany & Co. @tiffanyandco

Tatiana Maslany for The Hollywood Reporter – TIFF 2017 – MUA and makeup partner – Estée Lauder – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Armie Hammer for Variety Studio, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada – September 9, 2017 – Men’s grooming – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Idris Elba, Kate Winslet
‘The Mountain Between Us’ premiere, Toronto International Film Festival – September 10, 2017 – Kate’s MUA assistant and makeup partner – Dior – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Rachel McAdams at the Toronto Film Festival Premiere for Disobedience DRESS – Elie Saab MUA and makeup partner – YSL – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Check back for the other six.

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So today guys I’m going to talk about one of the most expensive and luxury skin care and makeup brands in the entire world and my absolute favourite and the brands, probably most sought after product – Skin Caviar Concealer / foundation.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ the brand Le Prairie is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Caviar line

This isn’t just your basic foundation or concealer it has the benefits of the most luxurious skin care brand in the world – it also delivers a natural full coverage but I don’t think it’s that full of coverage sadly I will say I did expect more from this company and this three hundred dollar ($300.00) item yes that’s right this 30ML is $300.00 it used to be considered the worlds most expensive foundation and by some, still is.

La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation delivers natural, full coverage, camouflaging dark circles and flaws for a perfect finish. As it corrects skin for cosmetic purposes, it also works below the surface promoting skin’s firmness and elasticity with the coveted caviar extract. The caviar extract also protects and nourishes while the exclusive Cellular Complex helps revitalize, energize and hydrate skin. The luxurious foundation also includes a 2x magnifying mirror in the cap, a foundation sponge and concealer brush.

Shade Matching: Determine skin tone – light, medium or deep. To determine undertone use jewellery, if white gold or silver looks best on you, opt for cooler undertone. If ivory or gold suits you, choose a warmer undertone. If both look good, you can choose a neutral undertone.

This product is a great product if you can afford it – I will say the company and its employees do take themselves way way to seriously, but as the ‘gatekeepers’ of the brand where I am just a ‘storyteller’ of the brand – yeah their words not mine.

Click here to buy from Holt Renfrew and when you spend five hundred dollars or more you’ll receive a special gift.


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I'm going to be covering a few things being like bad kid late going back to school must haves, NEW WRITERS and new partnerships will be announced! Just have to bare with me as it's TIFF (TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL) so I've been here there, on my back, side – you name it! Wow it's crazy, but I kinda need it and miss this avenue of work.

I also just shot a new campaign with Charlie which if you didn't know it's men's underwear and everything else. Even if you're super small! So it's an amazing company to promote and work with. I just got back from a little trip and it was so beautiful and again, needed! I feel so much more like myself which is so amazing to me because with all the things that have happen in the past month I truly didn't think I'd get out of bed be thank yoü! and you know who you are kid!

So check back I hope you all have an amazing and safe weekend! Be smart and check back I do have some posts don't but they are on a release schedule (another fun part of loosing ownership) but it's gotta be in sync with the products launch.

Honestly, check back.

So much cool stuff is coming and so much of it is all for you guys. So hit that follow button and join the ride with me boys and girls.

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Tech industry gets a makeover – or is it makeup receiving an update | MAKEUPANDTHECITY

What's up makeupandthecity,

I'm really sorry for my absence lately I don't really have a reason for it as of now other then how can I possibly influence and inform you(s) when I'm not doing so well, if I was to see myself right now, I wouldn't even recognize myself. Maybe it's the season change that's got me down, or just even more of a realization that time is the ultimate killer.

Is it just me or are beauty products starting to look less like regular pots of cream with tamper-proof packaging – and more like something that should come with a two-year manufacturing warranty? It's almost crazy to me to see how much of the beauty industry is now run by a technical component.

We now have a mirror that checks your skin for any wrinkles, dark circles or blemishes, before making product recommendations based on its analysis. It stores the data for future use which only you can access after “logging in” using your face as the passcode. So if you’ve started using a new skincare product and want to see if there are any noticeable changes after a few weeks, you can pull up previous data (via your smartphone or the mirror itself) to check for signs of progress. The point is, it leads to actionable changes – whether that means switching to a new routine or continuing with your favourite products – based onevidence, not what you think might have happened.

L’Oréal Group is aggressively investing in innovating hi-tech beauty products through its Technology Incubator. This incubatorconcentrates solely on technological innovation.

The company has unveiled a string of products through different brands: My UV Patch by skincare brand La Roche-Posay; Le Teint Particulier Custom Made Makeup by cosmetics brand Lancôme; and a smartbrush produced with Kérastase, a hair-care brand, and Withings, a consumer electronics company that falls under Nokia.

Kinda crazy to think about don't you think? My UV Patch, resembles the look and feel of a non-permanent sticker tattoo – a symbol of our childhood youth – which can adhere to and stretch to match the movement of your skin. It’s just 50 micrometres thick, about half the thickness of an average strand of human hair. The patch uses photosensitive dyes that change colour according to the level of UV rays it is exposed to, which you can take a photo of and upload to an app to find out how much sun you’ve been getting.

By now we should all know just how dangerous that lovely sun exposure is doing, actually, is hurting your skin.


“i have too go, yes, I know the feeling, know you’re leaving”

Sup makeupandthecity.


FIRST OFF I need to say a massive thank you to my affiliations, PA, contacts, and most importantly you guys! CAN you believe we are up for the ‘best in beauty’ award. First my wordpress account goes gold and now this, I imagined this but I was distant almost non-existent so from whatever of a heart I have left, thanks guys! By the way if you (or) anyone you know if looking for a paid writing position please tell them to shoot an email too ➡️

Ok, so first off I’m sure we all know the brand Artis brushes by now right? amazing design – revolutionary fiber hairs – SO when working on set for publication credits Artis will be the only makeup brush you will see me sporting for a year which bring me back to this post if you’ve seen it beauty news first ➡️ ARTIS BRUSH getting ready to launch Fluenta Collection at Holt Rentrew, which will be Artis first retail partner in news first ➡️ ARTIS BRUSH getting ready to launch Fluenta Collection at Holt Rentrew, which will be Artis first retail partner in Canada. Check it out.

Secondly, DiorSKIN FOREVER UNDERCOVER concealer – its an amazing concealer with amazing coverage but the fairest shade isn’t light enough sadly but it can still be used to add warmth to your face in areas you need it.

Diorskin Forever Undercover Concealer has a Fresh Matte finish and delivers full cover, crease-proof concealing in one swipe. I’m not too sure about the massive coverage claims – I love Dior and LVMH but as amazing of a concealer this is I would love to slap who ever sits there and makes product descriptions, I mean, yeah.. I get this is what you want but still saying untrue claims.

check back.