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It’s been a while, maybe too long I’ve just had so much going on with work, my life and my setting up my new house! I have since worked on some pretty cool photo shoots and sets and love when I can review a brand from a makeup artist (MUA) on set, also it’s a good way to make brand connections and PR lists, today I am going to be talking about the amazing Anastasia Beverly Hills and the some of the top products from my PR and set call ➡️ in most cases, when you get one brand PR e-mail it isn’t long before you end up with 99.8% of brand contacts, or they will contact you.

I’ve loved Anastasia Beverly Hills for brow products for years but to be honest I didn’t really think about the other products within the brand, other then kick ass highlighter glow kits so one (1) of the palettes that I loved was not something completely new or anything but just the way they mixed, and all the tools given and pigmentation is the LIP PALETTE VOL. 1 ➡️ There are eighteen (18) shades within the palette and a large clear from too see them, five (5) of the colors are ‘primary colors’ or the colors that you’d was to use to create any color that you’d like.


With shades ranging from primaries and neutrals to bold brights. Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Palette to create an endless array of lip looks by mixing and customizing highly pigmented, long-wearing matte shades.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ Includes pro mixing plate and double-ended lip brush and spatula.

Moving on with have to be the A18 brush in their pro category and it would be an Angled Chiseler Brush, with this one (1) brush you are able to achieve so much that you would have used multiple brushes for, its a large, slanted brush with soft natural hair to sculpt and define facial contours or apply powder perfectly under the eyes to set concealer ➡️ this brush is an absolute must-have for makeup lovers or professionals. These brushes are premium natural hair but are completely cruelty-free.


The new Soft Glam Palette was my go to set palette, the colors were incredible and very blendable but I really didn’t think I would get anything other than amazing quality – there are fourteen (14) essential shades, the Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eye Shadow Palette is the perfect collection of easy-to-blend, full pigment shadows. I did use primer but some of the finger swatched i did on the back on my wrist indicated that it’s a long-lasting formula, this palette is complete with bronze metallics and iridescent finishes ideal for a nighttime look and neutral mattes for daytime – not to mention that this is one of the most sought-after palettes in the beauty community, almost always sold out.

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