Hey guys.

So today I’m not going to tell you to smash the follow button or listen along with me, I just want you to listen to behind the reasons of 13 reason why, I won’t lie, I have thought of killing myself, I have been told that the world would be better off without me, that no one cares about me from people who hide behind computer screens like cowards. So I watched 13 reasons why, as a society we tend to shy away from issues like this, and what I like the most about 13 reasons is its saying no – you’re going to listen. Where is the beginning of the end for Hanna? I personally don’t think that cyber bullying is something parents can begin to understand because it was not around when they were younger.

I know its hard to get but I think we should always open up to are parents – no matter what, its hard to start the conversation, even if you truly believe that your parents couldn’t possibly understand – I can promise you that they will try. We are all imperfect, no one is perfect and I believe that 13 reasons shows that we can all put up a front and act as if we are all alright, when inside we all have something missing.
How do we shy away from all the ugliness – one of my bestfriends, from such a young, young age – We did everything together, and then we lost eachother, I remember one day it was close to mothers day and we were walking to go get my mother a gift, and we decided that we were going to get married no matter what at such a young age, and I remember she just went through another break up and we were walking and she stopped me and asked me, if I would be her boyfriend because we made the choice to get married and I knew at that time that I was gay, and I loved her so much but not in the way that she deserved to be loved and now I look back and I think about how hard it much of been for her to ask me that and I kinda just made up a dumb reason why, why it wasn’t right timing or it was right, but not right now, and I think that was the start of the end of our friendship, thinking about it now, she kinda had a similar life as Hanna Baker, she had the same outcome as Hanna anyways, and I still to this day wish I could have done more – but what more could I have done even if I picked up the phone that night.

Its really important to know that its not a pretty dead, and you might not realize how much it will effects others and how much of people begin to blame themselves for a thoughtless action you’ve made. There is a million ways to find help, and there is absouloutly nothing wrong with reaching out..


We are not made to be perfect.