JUST THE FACTS | is Younique just a scam company? 🐍 *some graphic imagines | PLEASE CHECK BACK – I have two back to back interviews with Younique sellers who want to be heard. 

Please note this is not a bash – this is the facts and well researched and put together. 

There are so many cosmetic products on the market, what makes Younique so unique? It’s eyelashes? It is said that the Younique Fibre Mascara provides a 300% increase in thickness and volume for your lashes. Lets take a look at this video review of the Younique Fibre Mascara:

After watching the video I guess you are probably convinced that the Younique product is not exactly unique. I actually think the better then sex mascara is SO so much better. 

Sadly Younique wants you to think that if they have that many  presenters that they’re successful and you can to if you just join! Not even true. 

You can end up becoming the sucker showing up late to the party with network marketing. If you’re not friend with the owner or one of the first few lucky people to join or were planted at the top of the pyramid chances are you will spend more than you actually earn. You will definitely pay in either lost time or money, most of the time both. Another thing that I do not get is why the presenters DO NOT know how to do there own makeup – it’s called a blending brush and and lip liner girls also get a good setting spray because a lot of you don’t blend properly. 

Some issues 

#1 The product is low quality but high-priced, this alone is a deal breaker. Not only that but products like the 3d fiber lashes have been known to cause infections in the eye.

#2 out of those 200k members less than 1-5% of the distributors make any decent money. The rest are just worker ants for the top members. Obviously if you’re lucky enough to get in early and really go for it you can make this work but realistically the structure it’s built upon is rigged against you. 

Also take a look at some comments some good but notice the good comments are from presenters..hmm 🐍

➡️  https://www.pissedconsumer.com/company/younique/faulty-product-no-replacement-20140531492319.html

➡️ https://www.reddit.com/r/MakeupAddiction/comments/3ylzwz/ever_wonder_why_everyone_talks_about_how_awful/

It’s just horrible products, you’re better off going to the drug store to purchase ELF products that are 98% better. 

I guess this is just some food for thought if your planning on using Younique

Leaving it off –