So this is just going to be a small little post because I found it to be so so so funny, while I was checking twitter I came across a little article from a woman who went to a plastic surgon and claims

If you want to find the best pinky flesh nude that is right for your skin and body then just use your nipples as shade guides” 

When I posted this last night I no idea how much traction this would make! Because now it seems that everyone is talking about it! Go figure. 

Trust me, I conducted an experiment and did the research ➡️

Nobody ever said picking a lip color was easy. You get your heart set on something funky, like blue, but you know you’ll never be brave enough to wear it. Then the sales girl comes up and starts making you nervous with her clearly contaminated free samples – not today, lady – and so you settle on a red or pink hue you’re not entirely sure blends best, and book it to the register. Luckily, I’m here to tell you choosing just got a whole lot easier. As long as you don’t mind stripping in a shopping mall BUT I would recommend using the nudes you already have or buying a could and using a one swip – clean, makeup brush and return the others.
The idea of it is actually very very smart if you think about it. We are always told to listen to our bodies.

“Finding a lipstick that matches my nipples was harder than I expected. Nipples are’t exactly the same colour all over, so I was aiming for a kind of average tone. What the beauty industry terms ‘nude’ generally reads too pink or coral. I eventually found a good match by mixing two shades. The resulting colour isn’t too far from my natural lip colour or my natural nipple colour, and it doesn’t look out of place on my face.”



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