Passive Aggressive ➡️ LOCKER room stories 

So I have a couple of interesting locker room stories since I started working out and taking care of my body I’ve had some HUGE gay experiences for example, I was in the shower 🚿 and there was this older man who was across from me and I had my shower curtain closed completely and I whispered noise and the mans curtain was open and I could see that his dick was hard and he was touching himself, and wanted me to like come over to his shower (was not going to happen) but what did happen to my surprise.. check back tomorrow at 1:30pm to find out. CONTINUE ➡️ to my complete surprise I was not a taker  but someone else was, this man had to be about 36 and the other guy was about 43 maybe, they kept the shower curtain open the entire time also – I didn’t know what to think or feel so I just finished up and wrapped a towel around me and went and dried myself off and did my hair, now I see that man almost everywhere that i go, it’s crazy and so uncomfortable I mean hey whatever gets you off, sexual liberation is amazing but I just was not interested. 

About a week and a half later in the showers yet again I was in and what do I walk in on? The same guy getting his cock sucked by someone who couldn’t have been older then 22 years old – again I’m wondering how, or why and why haven’t I seen these guys running the track, lifting or anywhere in the gym!! Turns out this man posted numerous Craigslist postings about where he would be what he wanted and photos of himself and his penis and his ass and everything like that for random men to just come and be with him sexually I guess it was something that he found to be a erotic and thrilling for him and the same with his sexual partners and when he open the shower curtain to start jerking off I think he thought that I was there as someone responding to his craigslist ad which I want to link so badly but I’m not going to do something mean like that! The thing about this man was he actually worked out at the gym so I did see him around a lot and I went into the sauna after working out lines and he was in there I have course like letting it all hang out and we kind of started talking and it turns out that he has a wife and kids and everything like that and it just made me feel even more a little bit uncomfortable I need to each their own and everyone deserves to be happy but is it fair for a grown man to post on craigslist and hook up with younger man or even older man when he has a wife and kids and the wife knows nothing about it? 

it also seemed to become a little obsessive like every single time I would go to the gym he would be there it was like he started to know my schedule and he kept propositioning me for sex and it was extremely uncomfortable he even offered to buy my underwear after I was done working out and I’m an asked me to like rub my ass with my underwear on for him so that they smelt even stronger like “me” of course I said no besides I absolutely loved the underwear I was wearing but that’s not the reason why I said no. He really started to creep me out the more that he like would talk to me and I think turned around he would just be behind me or I’d be like working out in like bending over and make doing squats and stuff like that and he would just be watching me and it started to get to a point where I couldn’t like ignore it anymore and now I try my best to go on days that he’s not there and I haven’t seen him for a couple of days but I still see the craigslist ads so I started going before work instead of after work to completely avoid this man. 

What do you think? Is this right for a man to be married to a woman and need a sexual thrill of another man to be satisfied? Do you think it’s right or even safe that’s he’s using the gym in that way? 

And lastly if you were in my shoes what would you do? What do you do when a man does not take no for an answer and it’s gotten to a point where it almost feels like I’m being stalked.. 

if he approaches me again I’m going to tell him completely off and tell him that if he doesn’t stop with me at least that I’m going to inform the gym of what’s going on because I don’t think that it’s a right the way that he’s doing it but I mean like go to a persons home or car or something. ➡️ sad thing also I believe the younger man who I walked in on them, I believe WORKS at the gym. 

What a mess.