Am I the only one who feels like time is going by to fast? seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, when did we allow time to get away from us? mhm, a lot can happen in 24-hours both good and bad, but do we really control fate? sweat it out and come back and get on my level.

Am I the only one who loves recklessly and could it have all paid off as I always hoped that it would? Love, that four letter word that can lift you up or smash you to the ground, people need to relax now more then ever, its hard to really grasp that everything happens for a reason,  love can change you and its changed me, evolution – change on the most epic level, do we change for love? I know for a fact I used to change to be what I thought the other person wanted but sometimes its nice to not have to hide who you are, or have to change and it just happens on accident.
Meeting Josh was epic, he noticed me before I noticed him – I was the only one with a beer and a sucker in the bar, and he was too scared to come up to me and give me his number, so I went outside to get some air and that’s when I noticed him, we both ended up going inside at the same time and he went to go to the bathroom and I went up to his and advised him that wasn’t the cleanest washroom to use, we both went into the bathroom – and I didn’t know if he was gay or straight but he went to wash his hands and I jumped up on the counter top and wrapped my legs around him, took a chance, and kissed him.

Walked out, sat back down and he bought me a drink, I walked behind the bar and gave him my phone number and we ended up talking all night and we haven’t spent a single day apart since.

We also both have the same birthday, how strange is that? so I guess could fate have made him show up as I was leaving and we missed our fate? or were we no matter what fated to meet, that time, day, and second?

Can you make a mistake and miss your fate?




What’s going on,


Welcome back to part two (2) of the L’Oréal review – I don’t have much to say in regards of life not much has changed which is really, really nice considering..
So with that said, lets get into it and break down some products, remember smile, it could be worse!

Unfortunately, I’ve dealt with my fair share of skin problems. Acne, dryness, aging spots, dullness, you name it and I’ve suffered from it – thanks for the genes, Mom and Dad! But seriously, everyone has their own skin issues to contend with, and winning this battle is all about finding the products that work best for you. Now, some people may not take skin care as seriously as I do, which means that some people may not have the most extensive experience with trying all of the different kinds of skin care brands, products, and treatments available. Thankfully for the skin-neglectful, I do have this experience! I’ve spent what feels like a lifetime exploring the full range of consumer skin care products available in an attempt to find the brands and products that work best at curing my skin woes. After having gone through all of this experimentation and trial-and-error, I’m here to deliver one definitive conclusion: L’Oréal has got the goods!


I don’t mean to sound dramatic, but dark spots just might be the bane of my existence. I’ve tried every kind of over-the-counter treatment or home remedy you can think of – lemon juice, potato, turmeric, aloe vera, papaya, onion juice, jojoba oil – you name it, I’ve tried it, and almost none of it has worked! Finally I started to use L’Oréal Youth Code Dark Spot Facial Serum Corrector, and in the interest of full disclosure, I must confess that this corrector did not *fully* correct my dark spot issues,
but it has made more progress than any other product I’ve tried. Ultimately my dark spots have faded some, though not fully, but I’ve really enjoyed the illuminating effect that Youth Code Dark Spot has had on the rest of my skin in addition to the dark spot targeting. Overall, I’ll keep using it until I find a miracle cure, and I definitely recommend it.10CHECK BACK FOR THE FULL AND FINAL REVIEW (PART THREE)

love always,



Hey guys.

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I’m actually so excited to write this and I’ve been waiting for some time because I’ve been working closely with a couple different departments of L’Oréal and I will say of all of the companies I have had the pleasure of working work L’Oréal takes the cake with dedication – fearless and love for it’s creators.
IF you’ve had the pleasure of working with L’Oréal or L’Oréal luxe
you will understand when I say how amazing of a company they are.

L’Oréal Paris offers a complete range of make-up products, from trendy innovations to makeup bag essentials.

We have the know-how and product performance to give you what you are looking for in your make up. You’ll feel worth it with perfectly defined eyebrows, your ideal shade of lipstick, sophisticated nail polish colours, a flawless face and eyes to steal the show no matter the occasion.

Whether you need your everyday routine or you’re getting ready for a fabulous red-carpet night out, explore our make up range to find your match

Alright, I know, I know what you’re all here for – first I want to talk about makeup from L’Oréal and how much it’s stepped up it’s game – complexion (1) Infallible Colour Correcting Kit vs. MAKE UP FOREVER five (5) Camouflage Cream Palette I truly thought from using MAKE UP FOREVER cream palette that it would be such a winner but it didn’t even come close to L’Oréal and I’m not sure if its because L’Oréal made theirs after so the formula is better and pigmentation is more secure – honestly to compare the price of one (1) too another its really a no brainer, if you want color correction and coverage you would find L’Oréal in my kit over MAKE UP FOREVER in this case.

NEXT ➡️ L’Oréal Infallible PRO-MATTE 24h Foundation I love just as so many other influencers do, the Infallible line from L’Oréal offers so many foundations for so many skin needs, skin types, coverage levels and so much more. L’Oréal is full to medium coverage, but it feels extremely light, In other words, it doesn’t feel cakey on the skin, it is a 24-hour foundation but I will say it doesn’t last 24-hours, but it comes very close.
I apply this foundation with my Beauty Blender because I feel it leaves it smoother and more even on my face, rather than with the typical foundation brush. Another thing I liked a lot was that, with drugstore foundations it’s common that they don’t come in many shades but L’Oréal  has one for almost every skin color – also L’Oréal is one of the only drugstore brands to carry foundations and products for every skin tone.

I put this foundation against Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder as it has amazing matte properties to the product along with many, many other benefits and this is where it became fun too me! I created mini heat wave on two different models and L’Oréal outlasted CT but not by that much : then I created a little caught in the rain moment and L’Oréal beat CT by a long, long, looooooong shot.

What I found, CT claims to be only 18-hour wear that is very untrue, you will be lucky to get even 5-hours. L’Oréal claims to be 24-hour, which I don’t want to say isn’t true because you will get almost 20-hours from this product.

None of the caused breakout when worn overnight but we all know you shouldn’t ever sleep with your makeup on.








What’s going on guys – thanks for the patience as I took my break!

Lots has happen to me since saying goodbye for a bit. I just want to say say thanks for the wishes of wellness but it wasn’t a ‘break’ but an evolutionary break.

If anyone knows me they would know that I’m a damn hopeless romantic and so much, men have come in and out of my life leaving me with a hole punched in my chest.

Happily this time around I’ve waited before saying I’ve met the men who I’m 99.9% sure I will spend the rest of my life with, and we are now engaged. He’s the most amazing caring and beautiful man I’ve ever met and we have the same birthday! So crazy.

(Look closely)

I will tell you all there is a website and a new press kit that has been developed so I will be leaving WordPress in the near future for my personal website of work, clients, partners, and Press credits. sadly due to partnering with TooFaced Cosmetics after going gold on WordPress earlier this year and loosing clients due to my own stupidity and WordPress advertising restrictions – Tarte Cosmetics will now be a main sponsorship and partnership as per.

I’ve worked from, L.A – toronto – NEW YORK and lived from each of those places (all with the man of my dreams) developing content and working with amazing influencers and my work with EOne (Entertainment One) has kept me too busy. With that said, I miss blogging and I now have the chance to slow down and work with top beauty brands in my brand new office in my brand new house.

If anyone knows my past they know what I am capable of in my future and I will bring you all to your knees, in the best way.

With Halloween around the corner I will be releasing some cool content over the next couple of days and slowly I’ll get to your emails and comments.

Remember ➡️ PA (personal assistant) for Press / Media and thank you to for reaching out but this is a public denial of you using any of my content for your website.

Stay tuned. 🤘🏻

Remember appreciate life and what you have because it can be gone in a blink.

Love always,


Hey guys.

So today I’m not going to tell you to smash the follow button or listen along with me, I just want you to listen to behind the reasons of 13 reason why, I won’t lie, I have thought of killing myself, I have been told that the world would be better off without me, that no one cares about me from people who hide behind computer screens like cowards. So I watched 13 reasons why, as a society we tend to shy away from issues like this, and what I like the most about 13 reasons is its saying no – you’re going to listen. Where is the beginning of the end for Hanna? I personally don’t think that cyber bullying is something parents can begin to understand because it was not around when they were younger.

I know its hard to get but I think we should always open up to are parents – no matter what, its hard to start the conversation, even if you truly believe that your parents couldn’t possibly understand – I can promise you that they will try. We are all imperfect, no one is perfect and I believe that 13 reasons shows that we can all put up a front and act as if we are all alright, when inside we all have something missing.
How do we shy away from all the ugliness – one of my bestfriends, from such a young, young age – We did everything together, and then we lost eachother, I remember one day it was close to mothers day and we were walking to go get my mother a gift, and we decided that we were going to get married no matter what at such a young age, and I remember she just went through another break up and we were walking and she stopped me and asked me, if I would be her boyfriend because we made the choice to get married and I knew at that time that I was gay, and I loved her so much but not in the way that she deserved to be loved and now I look back and I think about how hard it much of been for her to ask me that and I kinda just made up a dumb reason why, why it wasn’t right timing or it was right, but not right now, and I think that was the start of the end of our friendship, thinking about it now, she kinda had a similar life as Hanna Baker, she had the same outcome as Hanna anyways, and I still to this day wish I could have done more – but what more could I have done even if I picked up the phone that night.

Its really important to know that its not a pretty dead, and you might not realize how much it will effects others and how much of people begin to blame themselves for a thoughtless action you’ve made. There is a million ways to find help, and there is absouloutly nothing wrong with reaching out..


We are not made to be perfect.


TIFF (toronto international film festival) client list and work | MAKEUPANDTHECITY

Dianna Agron at the Toronto Film Festival premiere for Novitiate on September 11, 2017. DRESS – Christian Dior MUA and makeup partner – Tarte – Kameron Smith. artist brushes used only.

Brie Larson at the Toronto (@torontolife) Film Festival (@tiff_net) premiere for Unicorn Store on 09/11/17. Dress : Schiaparelli Couture MUA and makeup partner : Kameron Smith (@esteelauder) Jewelry : Tiffany & Co. @tiffanyandco

Tatiana Maslany for The Hollywood Reporter – TIFF 2017 – MUA and makeup partner – Estée Lauder – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Armie Hammer for Variety Studio, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada – September 9, 2017 – Men’s grooming – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Idris Elba, Kate Winslet
‘The Mountain Between Us’ premiere, Toronto International Film Festival – September 10, 2017 – Kate’s MUA assistant and makeup partner – Dior – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Rachel McAdams at the Toronto Film Festival Premiere for Disobedience DRESS – Elie Saab MUA and makeup partner – YSL – Kameron Smith. Artis brushes used only.

Check back for the other six.

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What’s up makeupandthecity,



So today guys I’m going to talk about one of the most expensive and luxury skin care and makeup brands in the entire world and my absolute favourite and the brands, probably most sought after product – Skin Caviar Concealer / foundation.

SIDE NOTE ➡️ the brand Le Prairie is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the original Caviar line

This isn’t just your basic foundation or concealer it has the benefits of the most luxurious skin care brand in the world – it also delivers a natural full coverage but I don’t think it’s that full of coverage sadly I will say I did expect more from this company and this three hundred dollar ($300.00) item yes that’s right this 30ML is $300.00 it used to be considered the worlds most expensive foundation and by some, still is.

La Prairie’s Skin Caviar Concealer Foundation delivers natural, full coverage, camouflaging dark circles and flaws for a perfect finish. As it corrects skin for cosmetic purposes, it also works below the surface promoting skin’s firmness and elasticity with the coveted caviar extract. The caviar extract also protects and nourishes while the exclusive Cellular Complex helps revitalize, energize and hydrate skin. The luxurious foundation also includes a 2x magnifying mirror in the cap, a foundation sponge and concealer brush.

Shade Matching: Determine skin tone – light, medium or deep. To determine undertone use jewellery, if white gold or silver looks best on you, opt for cooler undertone. If ivory or gold suits you, choose a warmer undertone. If both look good, you can choose a neutral undertone.

This product is a great product if you can afford it – I will say the company and its employees do take themselves way way to seriously, but as the ‘gatekeepers’ of the brand where I am just a ‘storyteller’ of the brand – yeah their words not mine.

Click here to buy from Holt Renfrew and when you spend five hundred dollars or more you’ll receive a special gift.

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